The IoT Brand Thats Changing The Game

The project

We were approached to help one of our existing clients during the very start of a new brand creation in their company. We helped them from the ground up in developing and creating a global product with the name, logo identity and brand image. We then went further and developed their website, IoT platform and social media marketing to further help create a strong and fluid brand.

The Technology

Alongside the branding we also produce the main website for Luner which connects seamlessly to the API driven platform. The website boasts a custom e-commerce solution linked directly to the API, managing international card payments and shipping from multiple 3rd party vendors, all whilst managing tax calculations globally.

Putting a brand into orbit

Building a brand image that orbits around the product helping it reach new target audiences generating greater success. Focusing on a modern Silicon Valley look to develop the futuristic and cool brand essence to a much older industry. Luner is the future of all IoT solutions and innovations.

Packaging concepts to further improve the user experience.

The new logo identity to launch Luner to new success.

Social media designs to match the new look.

Revamped website for rocket-fueled success

Luner allows anyone to get started with IoT

The brand is now being incorporated into the parent company's main product line and moving towards solidifying it's future in IoT.

Luner Platform

An IoT Platform never seen before

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