Taste & Tour

Take Yourself On Tasty Flavourful Experiences

The project

We’ve helped bring a new look to this exciting food and drink touring company. We performed a complete website redesign alongside a backend admin management system. Through this project we made sure to stay true to the fun and exciting experience the customers will have during the flavourful tours Taste & Tour provide.

The Technology

Although from the website this may look like a simple website. This platform is a full ticket management tool providing users with the ability to fully manage their booking, tour guides to checkin guests via QR codes and also supports ticket printing. The load balanced platform boasts 3rd party payment integrations, QR code scanning, seamless deployment pipelines, headless CMS integrations and much more.

Mouth watering website for flavourful experiences

The fun experience that keeps the user engaged and exploring more flavour filled memories with Taste & Tour.

Grape Software

Bringing food inspection forms away from paper

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