Forming A New Look In The Legal Sector

The project

Branding, platform design and development for legal startup Formily. Digitally fulfilling legal documents and collaborate with legal support during the divorce and separation process. Formily makes it easier for users to fill out and submit documents for court proceedings by or without legal counsel. With our help Formily has further been able to receive business grants helping them grow their business.

The Technology

The Formily platform was developed API first and performs a range of complex tasks. These range from storing protected files, generating 100+ page PDFs with populated data, two way communication between solicitor and client and also two factor authentication. Open Banking integrations also have been implemented in this project, this collates yearly spends into a usable format for solicitors from multiple banks.

The Form E, made easy

We have helped design and develop the new and easy way to fill out Form E documents by breaking it down into one simple digital platform. No more filling out papers of loose paper, instead do it digitally. Once a form is complete export and print out the legally formatted document with your information filled out ready for court submission.


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